Christmas Snowman footprint craft ideas

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The Christmas holidays are here and it’s time to start filling the kids’ days with fun activities! Crafting is a great way to play with your kids. Hand and footprint crafts are great because it’s fun and you also get a precious keepsake to treasure at the end of it! Usually I’d recommend my Inkless Print Kits for a mess free and easy way to capture your little ones’ hand and footprints but sometimes, paint is great for crafting. Just make sure it’s a water based and baby safe paint.

Famous Snowmen
It might be hot here in Australia but the imagery of the snow and snowmen are still great for Christmas. It’s fun to talk about the snow with your kids, especially if they’ve haven’t ever experienced it. Talk about where in the world it snows, what if feels like, how cold it is and how to build a snowman. You could put the movie ‘Frozen’ on after the activity so you can watch a real life snowman – Olaf in action! Sing along to: ‘Do you want to build a snowman’.
Or how about my personal favourite – the classic ‘The Snowman’ film based on Raymond Briggs’ 1978 picture book. If you’ve never seen it, check it out here.
So many Snowman adventures to have!

Making Snowman Footprints
Here are a few ideas for making snowman footprints.

I love you Snow Much!
Just a simple white footprint. It works best on a coloured background so that the white paint shows up. You could cut out the hat, scarf, and twiggy arms and collect some buttons and snowflakes. Wait for the footprint paint to dry and then your helper can stick them on to decorate it. This would make a cute homemade Christmas card for grandparents.

Snowman footprint craft idea

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!
This is a great idea for sibling snowman footprints. It’s so lovely to see their size difference and will be something you’ll look back on fondly when they’re bigger. Again, you could cut out all the other elements so that your kids can glue them in place after the paint has dried.
Let it snow snowman footprints

There’s Snow Place like home!
If you haven’t been able to get a family Christmas photo with Santa this year because of social distancing … this could be the one for you!
Here’s an idea for the whole family’s footprints. Plan it carefully so that you have room to fit them all on your paper. It may be better to let each one dry before doing the next one so that you don’t smudge them. Then decorate them with paint or stick on elements as in the ideas above. This will definitely become a family treasure. If you do it soon enough before Christmas, you could scan it in and print it off as your family Christmas cards.

There's snow place like home family footprints

Snowman Gift Tags
You could turn your snowman footprints into cards or wall art but I love this idea for making gift tags too. You could experiment with Santa and Rudolf footprints too.
Snowman footprint gift tags craft idea

Happy Crafting and remember – that’s Snow-business!!