Don’t forget to take a photo of your baby at these moments!

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To new parents, there are too many moments about their baby that they want to remember, record and review. So I’m going to talk about those moments you shouldn’t miss out on your baby’s growth. As we all know, My Little Keepsake can help us to record children’s growth and milestone. As a result, all these photos can be used in My Little Keepsake’s products as well and be a part of memory.

Do you still remember the feeling when you first learn you are pregnant? It is so exciting, isn’t it? The whole process of pregnancy is tired but beautiful. Your bump is getting bigger. You may feel morning sickness. It is more and more difficult for you to climb stairs. However, all your efforts will be worth when your infant is born.
The beauty of a mommy to be is a gift from the God and a work of life. Pregnancy is one of the most meaningful moments in your life and it flashes very fast. You are carrying a new life. What an amazing moment it is! So don’t forget to take maternity photos for you and your baby.
You could share these photos with your kids and let them know how you looked like when they were in your bump. You may feel not very confident when you are pregnant, it is also a good way to help you feel proud of yourself again. Trust me, you will like it and cherish these photos for your lifetime.

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Having an infant is a critical moment for young families. It breaks the peace of your life. Noise and nappies will fulfil your life. However, when you have a newborn baby, so many magic things will happen. You will be more emotional than before. You will know at what time the sun comes up. You will believe once again in things you believed in as a child. You will start to understand and love your parents in a new way. So many changes happen in your life. After your little one was born, you have a new job title as ‘parent’.

During your baby’s first week of life, this is the first best period to have your baby photographed. I encourage parents to bring your baby to take newborn photography between 5-12 day of age. During this time parents are too tired to truly appreciate the tiny toes, the blistered lips, the wrinkled back. Newborn babies that are just a few days are able to be posed, comfortable naked, and cute as them can be. So photographers can capture all these tiny details, and create some amazing artistic artworks. They will help you and your baby to record this important milestone in your baby’s life.

Your baby changes so fast, don’t let this time pass you by before you can capture it professionally.

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3-5 Months

Till now, your baby is 3-5 months old, new problems keep coming out during this period. How could I help my infant when he/she is vomiting milk? Why he/she has a bit rash on his/her face? When should I add solid food to my newborn? What kind of food should I give my baby as the first try? These doubts drive you anxiety. However, there is still some good news happened when your newborn is 3 months old.

At 3 months, your baby is now smiling! They know who you are! Babies at this age will smile and interact a lot. They even can grab their own feet. This is something that they did not do as a newborn. So, when these behaviours happen, it is another good milestone to take photography for your baby. If your baby can do tummy time, photographers can place them on a pillow to make their head up and perhaps take a quick capture when they are peeking a smile!

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6-8 Months

For your baby at this month, everything is so interesting and attractive. Your baby wants to explore the world with their eyes, hands and even mouth! As your infant’s vision is as good as an adult’s now, they can look at a certain item or even point at it or try to crawl toward it. Your baby may be able to grab for toys, laugh, and even sit up! You will find your baby start to do baby-babbling as well. In a word, every day is a surprise.

As a result, there is another milestone. This is a great age and one of the photographers’ favourites to photograph. Your little ones may also enjoy some added clothing for this age. As they get older, adding cute props can be fun and story making.


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1 Year & Beyond

1 year old is a special milestone in your baby’s life. His first birthday is coming and his first step is coming as well. Most babies are able to take his first steps alone now. It’s an important development for your baby. In addition, the bedtime is getting easier. Your baby can feed himself/herself better. Your baby is able to learn more about language. These are all good news. But, the biggest problem is, when you have to leave for work, it’s too hard to say ‘goodbye’ to your little one!  

It is time to capture another fantastic moment before or on your baby’s first birthday! I encourage parents to photograph your baby every 6 months after they are 1. Once they are 3 years old, time appears to slow down a bit and most of my clients intend to shoot once a year.

As a professional myself, I have the luxury of shooting my kids many times a year. Like most, I offer incentives at different times of the year to encourage more priceless moments for my clients, take advantage of all those opportunities as I have NEVER heard a parent complain that they have too many pictures of their child!


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In conclusion, I hope this article can help you to know when is the best timing for photographing your little one. Every parent wants to remember, record and review every single second of their kids. Finally, all best wishes for you and your family.