Easy Easter Craft Activities

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Kids craft activities | 0 comments

Well if the weather forecast is looking like you’re in for a wet Easter, it’s time to get out the scissors, glue and paper and get creative!  Here are a few simple Easter Craft ideas you can try with your kids.

It’s worth a trip to your local craft store to get a few ingredients:
glue, paints, child friendly scissors, feathers, glitter, coloured paper, cotton wool, assortment of felt, coloured felt pens, coloured wool …
You’ll probably have some of these bits in your house already.

Put everything in a plastic box with a lid. We keep a box like this and top it up occasionally with more crafty bits and pieces.


April Fools Day Easter!

Did you realise that it’s April Fools Day on Easter Day this year?
Here’s a clever way to make some Easter Bunny footprints. You could make it look like the Easter bunny came but didn’t leave any eggs! Then hide the eggs somewhere else and reveal the easter egg hunt later.



Egg Carton Chicks

Here’s a super easy Easter craft activity for little people. You can turn your old egg cartons into easter chicks and fill them with little Easter Eggs.
These will make gorgeous gifts for Grandparents and family. Nothing says I love you like a home made gift 🙂



Easy Easter Craft with Toilet Rolls

How many ways can you use a toilet roll to create something special for Easter. Check these ideas out …


String Easter Basket Craft Idea

And for the more advanced crafters among you, how about this String Easter basket idea.