Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are an Australia Wide business. One of the unique features of My Little Keepsake’s products is that it doesn’t matter where you’re located.  Orders are placed online from anywhere. You don’t need to make any appointments.
When you have ordered you will be sent an inkless print kit by post.  Follow the simple instructions to make your baby hand or footprints and then send them back to my Little Keepsake. Your enamelled prints will be sent back out to you.

POSTAGE TIP: You can use a normal envelope to post your prints back. Just slip them back into the cellophane bag the kit came in to keep them waterproof. Make sure you put your address on the back of the envelope. If you’re worried about them getting lost, send them by registered post and make a digital/photocopy before you post them.

Can I track postage for my Inkless Print Kit?

If you choose FREE standard delivery for your inkless print kit, you won’t have any tracking for your kit. My Little Keepsake will not be held responsible for any loss or  length of time taken for the kit to arrive.
You will be sent a confirmation email on the day it is posted.

If you’d like to add tracking to your inkless print kit delivery, then please opt for the Express Post option at Checkout.

Do I have to make an appointment or come to your studio to have my baby prints taken?

No, one of the lovely things about My Little Keepsake products is that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.
An Inkless Print Kit can be sent out to you in the post for you to make the prints yourself.
Then, simply post them back to us and we will turn them into a beautiful work of art for you to cherish forever.

Do you post Australia wide?

Yes – postage costs vary depending on the product.  Postage costs are displayed on product pages under “Size Guide, Materials & Postage”  Please contact us for a quote if you’re unsure or would like a quote on International Postage.

Do you post Worldwide?

Yes – prices vary so contact us for a quote.

Can I come to your studio to have my baby prints taken?

Yes, if you live in QLD and can visit the Sunshine Coast you can make an appointment to visit our studio and have your prints taken free of charge.
Just contact us to make an appointment.

Are print kits included with keepsake orders?

You will receive a FREE inkless print kit with any FRAMED keepsake product.

If you’re ordering any jewellery, keyrings, cufflinks or printable digital prints, you will need to purchase a print kit separately or provide your own prints.

Will I get my original handprints or footprint back?

Yes. All original prints will be returned to you unharmed with your completed order.

If you have ordered a Printable Digital Print or Printable Christmas Print, prints won’t automatically be returned to you.
You can pay $3 to have the prints posted back to you. Just contact us to arrange this.

The prints I’ve taken with the inkless kit are very smudgy. Is that a problem?

Your prints are probably fine. It’s very difficult to take perfect prints. My Little Keepsake will clean up any smudges and imperfections before creating your keepsake. Make sure you take as many prints as you can so that we’ve got plenty to work with. The most important thing is to avoid overlapping the prints. Remember to wipe the hand or foot in between each print.
If you’re at all unsure, you can email us a photo of your prints and we can let you know if they’re OK.

I’ve have existing baby prints – Can I use them?

Yes.  Often people with older kids have faded prints from when they were tiny.  Enamel is the perfect way to preserve them properly forever.
If you have an angel baby, we can use the prints that were taken by the hospital or funeral director.
All original prints will be returned to you unharmed with your completed order.

We sadly lost our baby at birth but have some prints the hospital made. Can you use them?

Definitely.  A lot of bereaved parents want to make something permanent for them to treasure such a precious memory.  My Little Keepsake’s process is perfect for this.
You can make a high res scan of the prints and email them to us if you’d rather not post them.
You could post a good quality photocopy of your prints to us to use.
Or you can post the originals to us and they will be returned to you unharmed with your completed order.
If posting – make a digital or photo copy of the prints and post by registered post so that they can be tracked.

Is my deposit refundable?

No, all deposits made at Expos, on-line, by phone or by email are non-refundable.

Does it matter if my keyring gets wet?

My keyring range is not waterproof and should not get wet as this could result in damage.

I’ve lost/damaged my inkless print kit. Can I get another one?

If you’ve ordered a framed keepsake you will receive a complimentary Inkless Print Kit.
If this is lost or damaged, you can go on-line and order another kit from the shop here.

Please note – Inkless Print Kits are not included with Keepsake Jewellery.
You will need to buy one separately here.

Do you make keepsakes for Pets?

Yes.  If you have a print that you’ve taken, I’d be happy to enamel it for you.  Or you can order an inkless print kit and take your pet’s prints that way.
You can see our Pet Keepsake collection in the shop.

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Engraved wooden milestone discs birth to 12 months 7 months old

I can’t wait for my partner to see our enamelled prints on Father’s Day. Not only are your products amazing, you’re customer service is great, I always felt like you dealt with my enquiries on a personal level and that I wasn’t just another customer.


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