Inkless Print Kits

No ink, No Paint, No mess! Just clean, clear prints.
Our Inkless print kits are suitable to use right from birth but great for any age. You’re never too old to do a handprint!

Simply wipe the hand or foot with the non-toxic inkless wipe and then press gently on the special paper.
Within seconds a detailed print will magically appear! Your baby’s hand or foot will stay clean and dry.
Then wipe again and do another print. Keep going until you’ve filled the paper. It really is magic!

Watch our short video to see how.

TIPS: Read through the tips and instructions which come with the kit.
We recommend doing a dry run without the wipe first to practice getting the hand flat.
Start with the feet – they’re easier.
Watch our video a couple of times before you start.

Inkless Print Kits are great for Scrapbooking, Thank you cards, Birth announcements, Baby shower gifts, Baby keepsake books and Mementos.
A perfect baby gift for any new parent.

Kit Contains:
1 non-toxic inkless wipe
4 sheets treated paper
Detailed instructions and lots more My Little Keepsake tips

When you’ve done your prints, you can frame them as they are or send them back to us to turn them into a stylish piece of art to treasure forever.

The Inkless Print System is safe and easy to use from birth. It is routinely used in maternity hospitals across the USA for newborn identification.