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Taking Baby’s prints has never been so easy!

Have you tried taking baby’s prints with paint or ink before? – getting the child safe paint or ink pad ready and lining the floors, walls and ceiling with newspaper.
It’s like a military operation! Have everything laid out, psych yourself up for the imminent mess, tears (baby’s and your’s!) and have a bath ready for the clean up afterwards.
And the results are usually a squelchy blur with possibly one decent handprint.

Well let me introduce the Magic inkless print kit.
It was developed in America where they routinely identify babies at birth. They’ve clearly understood the importance of clean, simple ease when it comes to printing new born babies’ tiny hands and feet.


The inkless print system consists of an inkless wipe and specially treated paper.
It’s non toxic and completely safe to use, right from birth.
Just wipe the hand or the foot with the special wipe and then press onto the treated paper for a few seconds and hey presto! A beautiful clear print and no mess at all.
Then just re-wipe and press onto the paper again.

Because there isn’t any mess you can do the prints while baby’s sleeping, or happily feeding – perfect! Much easier for getting really good prints.

The inkless prints are really clear and detailed.


You can buy the kits with a black wipe, or blue or pink.
They make perfect Baby Shower gifts or gifts for new parents (after all there are only so many nappy cakes or baby-grows you can use!)
The inkless prints are perfect for scrapbooking, birth announcements, thank you cards or just framing as they are.
If you want to turn them into a stylish keepsake to put on the wall, send them to us at My Little Keepsake and we’ll turn them into a beautiful piece of artwork for you to treasure forever. The perfect Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift. A special gift for the Grandparents or Godparents. Once you’ve got the prints, there’s so much you can do with them.

It’s a great idea to scan the prints in and keep a digital copy incase they fade or get damaged.

You’ll be amazed how quickly those tiny hands and feet grow, so keeping a record of them is priceless. In just a few months you’ll love comparing the sizes.

If you’d like to see the inkless print kit in action, check out these awesome videos:

Inkless print kit instructional video

Inkless prints kits – they’re magic!