Keepsakes on your wall – cherish every moment!

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Keepsake Products | 0 comments

It’s always so lovely to hear from our customers when they have received their precious baby keepsakes. All of your feedback and reviews are so gratefully appreciated. I know that new customers find them really valuable when choosing their keepsake on-line. Who doesn’t love a good on-line review!

Today I received this photo from a Sydney Photographer: My Little One Photography. They purchased two enamel baby handprint frames from My Little Keepsake. 1 for each of their children. And now they’ve got them up on the wall and have mounted them with some of their own gorgeous photographic canvases.

This customer commented “I love the handprint and footprint so much! My family is going to cherish them for a lifetime.” It makes me feel pretty special to be a part of creating such cherished memories 🙂

Enamel baby handprint & footprint keepsake Sydney photographer

Our little babies grow up so quickly. My first little baby just turned 16 years old last week! I put together a short film of his face changing from day 1 through the years to 16. It’s amazing to watch him change and grow.

Going through the old photos, it reminded me of how important it is to cherish every precious moment. Capture as many memories as you can in photographs, keepsakes, drawings, cards, gifts and of course, their tiny hand and footprints! And remember to make sure you’re in the photos too! Your kids will love looking back at old photos of you. They will cherish these keepsakes as much as you do.

In the blink of an eye they’re through school and heading out the door, fully grown, into a life of independence and opportunity.

What a journey – make sure you cherish every bit 🙂


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