7 Cute Valentines Craft Ideas for Babies, Toddlers & Kids

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Here are 7 cute Valentines craft ideas for babies, Toddlers & Kids.
You might think that Valentine’s Day is just for the grown ups but our babies and toddlers are the biggest love monsters.
They might not grasp exactly what Valentine’s is all about but they’re never afraid to show you how much they love you and I’ve gathered together some of the best valentines craft ideas that you can make with your kids.
These cute craft ideas make perfect valentine’s gifts for mum or dad, grandma or grandad.

One of my favourite ideas is to make a valentine’s keepsake card with baby’s hand and footprint on it.
There are a few baby hand and footprint craft ideas below and you’ll get the best results with one of my Inkless Print Kits – there’s no ink, no paint and nothing to clean up, so make sure you click this link to check them out – Inkless Print Kit

Let’s get started with my top 7 Valentines Craft Ideas:

toilet roll heart stamp valentines day craft activity

1.Toilet Roll Heart Stamps

Such an easy and simple craft activity for the tiniest of hands – and here’s how: just make a crease and tape the toilet roll at one end, then dip in coloured paint and print!
Perfect for making valentines cards ❤️

Baby footprints heart for valentines day card craft

2. Baby Footprint Hearts

A footprint heart is perfect for newborn keepsake and valentine’s gift.
You could use baby safe ink or paint to make the prints, but if you don’t want all that mess butI recommend one of my pink Inkless Print Kits.
They’re super easy to use and no mess at all, so click here to find out more about Inkless print kits

Thumb body loves you finger print heart

3. Thumb print hearts

The best way to show that Thumb body loves you ?
You can use my Inkless Print Kits to make thumb or finger prints , use baby safe paint or ink.
You could turn your thumbprints into a card, frame them or make a bookmark.
Such a super cute craft idea for valentine’s day ❤️

Love handprints and footprints

4. Hand print & Footprint Hearts

If your baby is too small for toddler craft activities, they can still make a beautiful valentine’s day gift with their hand and footprints. You could use a blank canvas from the dollar store.
You can paint the whole canvas red (maybe grade the colour if you’re a bit more artistic) and then add baby’s hand and footprints with non toxic white paint.
This is a fun valentine’s day craft activity for babies, toddlers and older kids, it doesn’t matter the age … for bigger kids, just buy a bigger canvas.
This is a valentine’s gift your loved one will treasure forever and the perfect gift idea for grandparents too ❤️

Valentines baby hand and footprints keepsake gift

5. Valentines hand and footprints

Baby hand and footprints make such a precious keepsake, they’re perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Whether you use one of my inkless print kits (no mess!) or you can use baby safe paint or ink and then add a special quote or wording like this example “His little hands stole my heart, his little feet ran away with it”.

I’ll make a post next week with some more valentine’s day quote ideas for you.

You could frame this or turn it into a card, either way, it’s a perfect gift idea for your baby to give their grandparents ❤️

6. Cut out handprint hearts

A great valentines craft activity for toddlers and kids of any age.
Fold a coloured piece of paper in half, then put your thumb and first finger up against the crease, next, draw around the hand and cut it out.
Make sure you leave the crease at the tip of the thumb and first finger and when you open it out, you’ll have a heart shape where the thumb and first fingers join.

You can make this into a beautiful valentines day card.
Check out my next blog for some lovely valentines quote ideas for your cards ❤️

I love you this much

7. I love you this much

This is a great idea for little hands of any size. How do you let your valentine know how much you love them?
Draw around your hands on 2 bits of coloured paper and then cut them out, then take another coloured piece of paper and cut it into a long, thin strip, then concertina it.
Stick each end of the concertina strip to each of the hands and then write your message for a simple craft idea for toddlers for valentine’s day ❤️

I hope you try out some of these craft ideas. If you do, send me a photo of what you’ve made
to vicky@mylittlekeepsake.com and I can feature them on my Facebook page And Instagram page

Happy Valentines Day 2023 ❤️