7 Halloween Handprint & Footprint Craft Ideas

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7 Halloween Handprint & Footprint Craft ideas to keep your little ones occupied this Halloween.

Halloween is such a fun time to dress up and have some spooky fun with craft.
Kids loving doing hand and footprints and it’s a really great way to make a special keepsake that records their size at Halloween. Perfect for adding to your baby journal, scrapbook or memory book.

When they’ve done their handprint or footprint, you can help them turn it into a fun Halloween picture.
Use them to decorate your house or give to family as keepsake gifts, or put them in a special memory book.

Kids love this spooky time, so here are 7 cute Halloween handprint and footprint craft ideas for you to try out:

1. Baby Bumpkin or Bum-kin

OK, so strictly speaking this isn’t a hand or a footprint. But it’s definitely cute and perfect for Halloween!
Just before a bath, pop some baby safe orange paint on baby’s bum and make a quick print – then wash it off baby’s bum in the bath! You can paint a stalk and leaves on to the baby bum print to turn it into a Bum-kin or Bum-pkin!
What a cute Halloween craft idea. The cutest Bumpkin in the patch!
Quite a few of my followers on Instagram and Facebook have done these and shared photos – send me a photo of yours if you do it too.

Baby Bumpkin Bumkin pumkin print

2. Trick or Treat, smell my feet!

Boo! Super easy, super spooky footprints for Halloween. This makes such a cute Halloween craft activity.
Perfect for decoration the house or sticking on your front door to impress the Trick or Treaters!
Always remember to use baby safe paint.
Or better still – use one of my Inkless Print Kits – there’s no ink, no mess and no paint to clean up! They’re available in grey, pink, blue or bronze.

3. Halloween Witch Footprints

While you’ve got the baby safe paint out, why not paint those little feet green and make a pair of spooky Witch footprints.
Add some broomsticks and hats and a spooky message.
If you’ve got older kids, they can make these into some really cute Halloween artwork – such a precious milestone keepsake to look back on in the future.

4. Frankenstein footprints – Frankenfeet!

Nothing says Halloween craft like green paint! Put a bit more on those little feet and make some more footprints.
You can turn these ones into Frankenstein and really spook the neighbours!
Just paint the toes back and the rest of the feet green.
Make the footprints and then add some stick on eyes. Draw on the bolts, a few scars and a mouth and – Spooky Frankenfeet!

5. Vampire handprint

V is definitely for Very scary Vampire with this Handprint!
Just paint the palm and thumb pink and the fingers black and print the handprint.
Then you can help your little one add all of the Vampire details.

6. Incy Wincy Spider – Halloween handprints

I’m not a big fan of spiders but these cute halloween handprint spiders get my vote!
You can do them with 2 handprints or 1 handprint.
Make sure you use baby safe paint and give those hands a good wash after you’ve finished!
Or, use one of my Inkless Print Kits – no mess and no clean up. Perfect for tiny baby hands.

7. Spooky Halloween Owl footprint

A lot less scary than the spiders this gorgeous Halloween owl footprint really sets the scene.
Super easy to make. Just paint a nice dark blue background or use dark blue card.
Then paint your little one’s foot brown and do the footprint.
You can outline it like this to make it stand out more. Then paint in a tree branch, stars and moon.
You could do the whole family – to the whole family’s footprint and have more owls along the branch.
What a gorgeous Halloween keepsake.

I hope you’ve loved these 7 handprint and footprint Halloween craft ideas.
All those little prints make great memories and are perfect to keep in your memory book, baby journal or memory box.
Have fun this Halloween. Trick or Treat!

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