Father’s Day Hand & Footprint Ideas

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Nothing says I love you like a personalised gift … especially when it’s been made by such tiny hands!

You can use good old fashioned messy paint to do the prints but we recommend the mess free … stress free … inkless print kits.
No paint … no ink … no mess!

You can print a Father’s Day message or image on the special paper using a normal inkjet printer if you like and then do the handprints / footprints using the special inkless wipe.

Here are a few of our favourite baby handprint and footprint craft ideas for Father’s Day Gifts and Cards.


Father's Day footprint card gift idea                Father's Day handprint card                  Father's Day handprint idea cheeky monkeys

Father's Day handprint card gift idea                Father's Day handprints you are my sunshine                  Father's Day handprint family tree gift card idea

Father's Day handprint & Footprint gift idea card Love .              Father Day handprint quote poem                  Father's day handprint & Footprint frame & quote

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We’ll post our favourite Father’s Day poems & quotes later this week. So stay tuned!